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Notable Cases

Years of Back Benefits Obtained!

Client “S” sought help from the Downs Law Firm in May, 2013, for help with a disability case. The client had been turned down for benefits, and the Downs Law Firm filed an appeal, asking for a hearing. While working on the file, Mr. Downs learned that the client had previously filed for benefits in 2010, and had been denied. The client had alleged to have been disabled in 2009. There was no appeal of the 2010 decision.
At the hearing, Mr. Downs asked not only that his client be awarded benefits; but, that the earlier case in 2010 be reopened. The Judge not only refused to reopen the earlier case, but also denied benefits on the new case! An appeal was promptly made to the Appeals Council in Falls Church, VA, on behalf of the client; and, later, a brief was submitted asking that the judge’s decision be overturned. After a lengthy review process, the Appeals Council ruled in the client’s favor and ordered a new trial on the issue of disability and on the issue of reopening the 2010 case.
At the new trial, which was held in February, 2016, the judge not only awarded disability benefits on the current case; but, also reopened the 2010 case.
The hard work of the Downs Law Firm resulted in the client being awarded benefits from 2009; almost seven years of back benefits!

Downs Law Firm Wins Case Dropped by Other Law Firm

Client “B” had been represented by another law firm in a disability case. Suddenly, and without warning, the other firm withdrew, leaving the client in a bind, as the hearing was only a couple of months away. Mr. “B” was able to have the case postponed so he could retain another attorney.
Fortunately, Mr. “B” contacted the Downs Law Firm. The Downs Law Firm was able to obtain additional and important information that was not in the client’s file.
Soon, another hearing was scheduled and Mr. Downs attended the hearing with the client. Later, a decision awarding benefits to Mr. “B” was rendered by the judge.
Even if another lawyer drops your case, contact the Downs Law Firm and see if Mr. Downs can help you!


In 2014 client "M" came to the Downs Law Firm for help with a disability case. It turned out to be a very interesting and satisfying case for the Downs Law Firm. 
While working on the case, Mr. Downs learned that the client had previously been turned down for disability benefits by three different Administrative Law Judges!! He was denied in 2009, 2012, and 2014. The client had been representedd by a different attorney in each of the 3 cases.
The fourth case had a happy ending and in 2016, with help from Mac Downs, the client was awarded disability benefits. It was a very gratifying win for the Downs Law Firm and for the client who entrusted the Downs Law Firm with his case.


Have you ever hunted for Easter Eggs? Well sometimes a disability case is like that. An attorney is always trying to be sure that all important evidence is located. 
One item that is sometimes overlooked by attorneys is school records. Although school records from decades ago are not always available, the records can sometimes be like finding the "golden egg". 
One of my cases involved client "J". The client has used a different law firm in an earlier case and had been turned down for benefits in 2013. 
The client filed a new case and hired the Downs Law Firm. In working on the case, it was apparent that school records might have important information. Fortunately, we were able to locate school records that were more than 25 years old!
The client later was awarded disability benefits. The old school records were an important factor in winning the case.

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